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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How long will it take before I can swim?

It really depends on the individual. If the learner is a child, say below age 6, it will take a longer time for him/her to master the motor skills needed. Other factors to consider include whether the child has aqua phobia or any medical condition, all which may affect the learning pace of the child. However, it is always good to expose the child to the aquatic environment earlier so that the child can build up his/her confidence at an early stage. Adults generally take a shorter time to learn (4-6 mths).

Q2: What is recommended if my child is afraid of water?

Individual lessons can provide your child constant attention and thus, helping him/her overcome anxiety and pick up skills at a faster pace. Thereafter, he/she can be incorporated into a group.

Q3: Can I swim if I am under medical treatment or if I am unwell?

If you are suffering from any medical condition, always seek advice from your doctor first before attending any swimming lessons. Star Swim Aquatic does not take responsibility for any accidents arising from undeclared pre-existing medical conditions.

Q4: What strokes will I learn?

You will learn all the four competitive strokes, namely breast stroke, front crawl, backstroke and butterfly. For children who are taking the survival swimming awards, they will learn the sidestroke and survival-back as well.

Q5: What kind of certification is provided?

For children, they will attempt the SwimSafer Awards, which consist of Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4 (Bronze), Stage 5 (Silver), Stage 6 (Gold) awards (conducted by a SwimSafer certified instructor).

For competent swimmers, they can take up aquatic lifesaving courses leading to qualified lifesaver certificates (conducted by Singapore Lifesaving Society).

Q6: Can I join lessons halfway through the month?

Yes you can if you are a new student and you will pay a pro-rated fee for that month.

Q7: What if my absent is due to medical condition?

If you are part of a group lesson, no fee wavier or make up lesson will be conducted.

Q8: If it rains, will lessons still go on?

Lesson will stop only if the pool authority (lifeguards) stops everyone from swimming. Lesson will go on if it is drizzling. Students are expected to turn up for lessons, unless the instructor calls to inform otherwise. See terms & conditions for more details.


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