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At Star Swim Aquatic (SSA), we believe that everyone has the ability to swim. With our progressive approach, learning to swim has never been more fun and easy. Our mission is to bring out the swimmer in everyone.

Students of SSA are put in good stead for the National Survival Swimming Awards as well as future involvements in other aquatic sports.

Our coaches believe in teaching through encouragement, motivation and patience. Lessons are conducted in a non-threatening atmosphere of learning. Our fulfillment comes from seeing every student becoming a swimmer with finesse; be it for leisure or on a competitive level.

Regardless of your age or level, Star Swim Aquatic wants to have a splashing good time with you. Join us today and be equipped with a survival skill for life.


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The most important aspect of swimming for kids is confidence building. The children will first be introduced to a variety of basic exercises such as rhythmic breathing, breath controlling, floating and gliding. Then they will move into the stroke phase where they will learn how to kick, pull and finally coordinate the entire stroke.

The first stroke they will learn is the breaststroke because it is easier for them to master. Also, the breaststroke will facilitate the learning of treading water at a later stage. Next, they will start learning the front crawl (also known as freestyle). We will encourage the child to work towards the Bronze award.

Children with fear of water (aquaphobia) may need individual coaching during the initial stages. Refer to fees structure lessons types.

(Equipment needed: kickboard and goggles)

Vacancies of our swimming classes are based on a first-come-first-serve basis and subject to the instructor’s availability. We apologize if we are unable to accommodate your request.


There are primarily two types of adults swimming learners:


Non-swimmers will be taught the breaststroke first as they float better in that body position. They will be introduced to a range of basic activities such as floating (front and back), gliding and proper breathing techniques before they move on to the stroke proper. It will take about 12 lessons* for a non-swimmer to learn the breaststroke.

Swimmers who wants to improve their strokes
or learn new ones:

Swimmers in this category can look forward to learning new strokes such as the front crawl (also known as freestyle). They will also be corrected on their existing strokes so that they may swim more efficiently and effortlessly. This will definitely make swimming more enjoyable. Such training can also help those who are preparing for biathlons or triathlons.

(Equipment needed: kickboard and goggles)

For adults who prefer individual or small group swimming lessons, classes can be customized. Please refer to fees structure lessons types.

Vacancies of our swimming classes are based on a first-come-first-serve basis and subject to the instructor’s availability. We apologize if we are unable to accommodate you.

(*time length is an estimate. Subject to physical and learning conditions of swimmer.)


How long will it take before I can swim?

It really depends on the individual. If the learner is a child, say below age 6, it will take a longer time for him/her to master the motor skills needed. Other factors to consider include whether the child has aqua phobia or any medical condition, all which may affect the learning pace of the child. However, it is always good to expose the child to the aquatic environment earlier so that the child can build up his/her confidence at an early stage. Adults generally take a shorter time to learn (4-6 mths).

Individual lessons can provide your child constant attention and thus, helping him/her overcome anxiety and pick up skills at a faster pace. Thereafter, he/she can be incorporated into a group.

If you are suffering from any medical condition, always seek advice from your doctor first before attending any swimming lessons. Star Swim Aquatic does not take responsibility for any accidents arising from undeclared pre-existing medical conditions.

You will learn all the four competitive strokes, namely breast stroke, front crawl, backstroke and butterfly. For children who are taking the survival swimming awards, they will learn the sidestroke and survival-back as well.

For children, they will attempt the SwimSafer Awards, which consist of Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4 (Bronze), Stage 5 (Silver), Stage 6 (Gold) awards (conducted by a SwimSafer certified instructor).

For competent swimmers, they can take up aquatic lifesaving courses leading to qualified lifesaver certificates (conducted by Singapore Lifesaving Society).

Yes you can if you are a new student and you will pay a pro-rated fee for that month.

If you are part of a group lesson, no fee wavier or make up lesson will be conducted.

Lesson will stop only if the pool authority (lifeguards) stops everyone from swimming. Lesson will go on if it is drizzling. Students are expected to turn up for lessons, unless the instructor calls to inform otherwise. See terms & conditions for more details.

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