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     To bring out the swimmer in everyone


     Swim with finesse



Bio Data

  Name: Kes Low (Mr)
  Coaching experience: Since 1994
  Marital status: Married (Father of 3)
  Language proficiency: English, Mandarin, major dialects
  Mobile : 9677 3858
  Email: kes@starswim.com / keslow@ymail.com
  URL: www.starswim.com



  Singapore Sports Council (SSC) certified Level 1 Swimming Instructor
  National Coaching Accreditation Program (NCAP) Level 1 (SSC)
  Singapore Swimming Teachers' Association (SSTA) Certified Swimming Teacher (STC)

National Registry Of Coaches (NROC) Registered Swimming Coach


SwimSafer Certified Swimming Coach


Singapore Life Saving Society (SLSS) Certified Life Saving Instructor


Personality and coaching approach


Hello, I am Kes Low.

I started my career as a swimming instructor in 1994. My experience in coaching is honed by teaching in various places; from private clubs and pools to public pools. My students range from those in pre-primary to secondary schools as well as adult learners. All my students have acquired swimming or life-saving skills under my tutelage.

Exposure to learners of varying abilities has made me realized that every individual has his/her own strength as well as learning pace. With the use of constant encouragement and attention given to every learner, I take pride in seeing a positive change in their learning attitude (especially those who were forced to learn). The fun, laughter and progress made have turned every swimming lesson into an enjoyable learning process for all.

My friendly approach has not only gained trust among the parents but more importantly, among the students.



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